Trump DOJ Decries Eleventh-Hour ‘Conspiracy Theory’ in Attempt to Save Census Citizenship Question

Justice Department Argues Congress Lacks Authority to Sue the President. Period.

DOJ Indicts Dozens of White Supremacists Accused of Violence and Drug Dealing on RICO Charges

Alleged Russian Operative Maria Butina Met with American Political Operatives in 2016

Cambridge Analytica Hit with Complaints for Alleged FEC Violations

Rachel Brand Just Outmaneuvered President Trump

DOJ Says Trump Tweets Probably Based on News Reports, Not Actual Facts of What’s Going On

DOJ: Trump Doesn’t Speak for Us After His Tweet About Dossier

Trump’s Legal Team Wants New Special Counsel To Investigate Robert Mueller

DOJ May Block AT&T Purchase of Time Warner Amid Fear it Could Seriously Hurt Customers

‘Heartless’: Judge Rails Against DOJ Decision Not to Extend DACA Renewal Deadline

Obama Accused of ‘Funding’ Anti-Trump Resistance

DOJ Says There Is No Evidence To Support Trump’s Wire-Tapping Claims

Group Calls for Investigation of Bannon for Allegedly Illegal Private Spokesperson

Here’s What This DOJ Lawyer Had to Say After She Quit over Trump’s Alleged Corruption

FBI Arrests State Dept. Employee for Allegedly Sharing Secrets with Chinese

Report: DOJ Brings Congress Documents on Trump Wiretap Claims

In Transgender Restroom Fight, Trump’s DOJ Sides With Bathroom Bigots

AG Loretta Lynch Announces ‘Pattern of Excessive Force’ at Chicago PD

Inspector General Should Be Investigating Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Not Comey

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