Christine Blasey Ford

Buttigieg’s Honesty Questioned After Contributions from Brett Kavanaugh’s Lawyers Revealed

Judge Napolitano Floats Idea That DOJ Might Want to Investigate Remarks by Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyer

Law Firm that Repped Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Now Working for Justin Fairfax Accuser

Christine Blasey Ford Still Getting Threats over Kavanaugh Allegation, Lawyers Say

Bar Complaint Filed Against Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers

Sen. Tom Cotton Thinks He Knows Who’s Behind Leak of Christine Blasey Ford’s Allegations is Now a Resource for Sexual Assault Survivors

Mitch McConnell Wants Probe into Who Leaked Dr. Ford’s Letter

Kavanaugh Supporters Took to the Phones, Allegedly ‘Hoped’ Female Democratic Staffers Are Sexually Assaulted

Why Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Has Stopped Supporting Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers Claim FBI Failed to Question at Least 20 of Their Witnesses

GOP Leader Shares Fake Picture of Christine Ford to Suggest She Was Too Ugly to Rape

‘It’s Disappointing’: Grassley Responds to Latest Request from Christine Ford’s Lawyers

Was Trump ‘Stating the Facts’ About Christine Ford? Not According to Her Own Testimony

Retired FBI Friend Vehemently Denies Claim That Christine Ford Lied During Testimony

Brett Kavanaugh Slapped With Two Official Ethics Complaints in Merrick Garland’s Jurisdiction

Legal Experts and Yale Friends Believe Kavanaugh Committed Perjury

Bernie Sanders Calls for FBI Investigation Into Whether Brett Kavanaugh Committed Perjury

Maryland Authorities Say They Will Investigate Kavanaugh if Ford Files Complaint

Jeff Flake’s Kavanaugh Statement Gets the Law Wrong

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