Christine Blasey Ford

Watch Live: Senate Judiciary Vote on Kavanaugh Confirmation

Dean of Yale Law School: Stop the Kavanaugh Confirmation Process Immediately

‘How Could She Not Know About This?’: Lindsey Graham Accuses Ford’s Lawyers of Hiding Info to Delay (WATCH)

Here’s the Real Reason Why Republicans Don’t Want an FBI Investigation

Here’s All the Evidence Kavanaugh Cites That He’s Innocent

Christine Blasey Ford’s GoFundMe Campaign Skyrocketed After Her Testimony

It Looks Like it All Fell Apart for Brett Kavanaugh Before He Even Spoke in His Defense

Dan Abrams: At This Rate, Kavanaugh Will Be Gone Tomorrow

GOP Strategy During Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing Is Backfiring in a Major Way

This Is the Single Worst Response to Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony on the Internet

Grassley Claims Avenatti, Other Accusers Won’t Cooperate in Kavanaugh Probe

Watch Live: Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford Senate Hearing

How to Watch the Brett Kavanaugh-Christine Ford Senate Hearing

Christine Blasey Ford Submits Sworn Statements from Four Witnesses

Dems Brace for Christine Blasey Ford as Possible No-Show at Thursday’s Kavanaugh Hearing

Critics Slam Kavanaugh for ‘Cutting Off’ Wife When She’s Asked About Possible FBI Investigation

GOP Governor Breaks With White House, Blasts Attacks on Christine Blasey Ford

Maryland Authorities ‘Prepared to Investigate’ if Third Kavanaugh Accuser Files Complaint

Kavanaugh Ally Who Tweeted ‘Mistaken Identity’ Conspiracy Offers to Resign, But Think Tank Board Declines

Yale Law Students Refuse to Go to Class, Stage ‘Sit-in’ Over Brett Kavanaugh Assault Claims

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