Peaceful Protesters Say Facebook Booted Them From So-Called ‘Free Expression’ Event

Trump Admin Accused of ‘Corrupt Use of Antitrust Enforcement’ in Targeting Automakers

Did Facebook Force NYT to Quietly Delete Unflattering Reference to Sheryl Sandberg?

Facebook May Have Charged Clinton up to 200 Times More Than Trump for the Same Ad Space

DOJ Files Lawsuit to Block AT&T-Time Warner Deal

DOJ May Block AT&T Purchase of Time Warner Amid Fear it Could Seriously Hurt Customers

NCAA Agrees to Pay $208 Million Settlement in Antitrust Case

Sorry, Uber Riders, Surge-Pricing Will Still Be Legal This New Year’s Eve

Justice Dept Sues DirecTV for Allegedly Colluding to Block Dodgers Channel

Judge Accepts ‘Obamacare Made Me Do It’ Argument in Hospital Merger Lawsuit

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