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Former Indianapolis Colts lineman and ex-radio host attacked son and son’s boyfriend: Authorities

Joseph Andrew Staysniak allegedly attacked his son and his son's boyfriend. (Mugshot: Hendricks County Sheriff Department)

Joseph Andrew Staysniak allegedly attacked his son and his son’s boyfriend. (Mugshot: Hendricks County Sheriff Department)

A former NFL offensive lineman is charged with attacking his son and son’s boyfriend. Joseph Andrew Staysniak, 56, allegedly punched them and pulled out a gun.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the son’s boyfriend said he was in his car with the son when defendant Stayniak opened the door of the vehicle, grabbed the boyfriend by the hood of his jacket and began to strangle him before punching him and the son.

“[The boyfriend] further stated that [the son] called him later in the evening telling him that his father had hit him several times after the incident,” the affidavit stated.

Both alleged victims are 18 years old, Hendricks County sheriff’s spokesperson Cpt. Amanda Goings told Law&Crime.

Deputies in Hendricks County, Indiana, were dispatched Monday night. The boyfriend, who initially spoke to investigators over phone, said he and the son had been hanging out in his car when a neighbor shined headlights into the vehicle and that the son told him they were going to call his parents, according to the affidavit.

Soon after, Staysniak appeared, according to the boyfriend’s account.

“[The boyfriend] advised that Joseph ‘flashed a gun’ and had it against the side of his face at one point during this incident,” the affidavit stated. “[The boyfriend] also stated Joseph pointed the firearm at him. He stated that Joseph then grabbed him by his hood and that his breathing/talking was restricted. He further stated that Joseph then punched [the son] and then punched him.”

Later, when deputies called the boyfriend in for an in-person interview, the boyfriend said the gun was never pointed at him but was touching his face. Investigators claimed not to see any injuries on him, but one described seeing dried blood and cuts on the son’s lower lip.

Staysniak’s son told authorities that he and his boyfriend were in the boyfriend’s vehicle “cuddling.” He said that after a neighbor saw them, his father Joseph Staysniak approached the vehicle and tried to open the door.

“[The son] advised that his father opened the rear right passenger door and that when he did he grabbed [the boyfriend’s] hood and was choking him,” the affidavit said. “[The son] stated that his father then punched him, causing his lip to bleed and then punched [the boyfriend]. [The son] stated that his father then displayed a firearm and told him and [the boyfriend] that they’re lucky he saw who it was.”

According to documents, a deputy knocked on the front door of the home. Staysniak answered, the affidavit said. He allegedly said a neighbor called him about a suspicious car in the front yard.

“Joseph stated he approached the red vehicle and observed [the son] in his underwear with [the boyfriend],” the affidavit stated. “Joseph stated he told [the boyfriend] to never return to his property.”

Post-Miranda, Staysniak allegedly said he did have his handgun on him but had since secured it in his vehicle. He allegedly said he did open the rear door of the vehicle but did not see his son until opening the door, though he did notice his son’s car next to this vehicle. He admitted grabbing the boyfriend by the hoodie to get his attention, the affidavit said.

“He stated he showed the two that he brought his firearm but denied touching [the boyfriend] with it or pointing it at any person,” the affidavit said. He allegedly denied striking the boyfriend.

“Joseph later advised that during this altercation [the son] came after him and that he shoved him backward with an open hand,” the affidavit stated.

The son began bleeding inside his mouth, defendant Staysniak allegedly said.

“Joseph advised that he and [his son] got into it and that he tried to attack him,” the affidavit stated. “Joseph stated he had to physically restrain [his son] at this point” and that his wife had to separate them.

Authorities said they found a Smith and Wesson .38 special revolver in the glove box of defendant Staysniak’s car. It had five live rounds in it, they said. In the in-person interview, the boyfriend described the gun possessed by Staysniak as having magazine and not as a revolver, according to documents.

Charges against Staysniak are strangulation and two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury. He was arrested Tuesday and eventually released on his own recognizance. A pretrial conference is scheduled for April 10.

Staysniak played as an offensive line in the NFL for six seasons in the 1990s, spending three years with the Indianapolis Colts. He co-hosted “The Fan Morning Show with Jeff & Big Joe” in Indianapolis until leaving in 2021.

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