The Seventh Circuit Just Told SCOTUS It Can Clean Up Its Own Mess on Abortion Issue

Clarence Thomas Says Supreme Court Justices ‘Soon Need to Confront’ Abortion Issue

Prosecutor Won’t Charge State AG for Groping Allegations Despite Finding Accusers ‘Credible’

Make Ecstasy Great Again: Cops Recover Orange Trump-Shaped Pills from Alleged Drug Traffickers

Federal Judge Blocks Indiana Ultrasound Mandate

NFL Owner and Former Player Doubled Reward Fund for Murdered Indiana School Girls

Cops Say Teenage Girls Killed in Indiana Managed to Get Recording of Killer’s Voice

Prosector Says Not to ‘Harass, Bother or Accuse’ Anyone as Search for Killer of Teen Girls Continues

Bill Would Stop Trans People from Changing Sex on Birth Certificates

9 Arrested After Three-Year-Old Found Locked in Box, Deputies Say

Alleged Tax Cheat Wants to Use Indiana Religious Freedom Law as Defense

Report: Evan Bayh Met With Donors at Official Senate Office, Raising Legal Concerns

Police Investigating Group for Possible Voter Registration Fraud

Police Say Man Sent Dead Animals to School District After Being Snubbed for Job

Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Dollar Store for Religious Garments (Video)

Electronic Billboard With This Pro-Police Message Stirs Controversy on Social Media

What are Indiana’s Republican Delegate Rules?

New Law Bans Abortion If Fetus Has Down Syndrome

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