Jeffrey Epstein Was Served with Documents Related to Rape Lawsuit Before Jail Incident

Police Are Looking for Man Who Allegedly Beat Up Two Women Over a Hotdog (VIDEO)

Florida ‘Transient’ Caught Attacking Female McDonald’s Cashier Over a ‘Straw’ on New Year’s Eve (VIDEO)

GOP Sen. David Perdue Sued for Battery After Student Cell Phone Incident

GOP Senator David Perdue Rips Phone Away When Student Confronts Him (VIDEO)

Staffer Appears to Push Pro-Immigrant Protester Who Confronted Mitch McConnell Outside Home (VIDEO)

Rand Paul’s Potential Personal Injury Lawsuit is All But a Sure Shot

Man Pretended to Be Cop, Then Beat Up Woman, Police Say (VIDEO)

College GOP Group Accuses Professor of Attacking One of Its Members During Public Rally

Convicted Felon Charged After Tulsa County Deputy Was Allegedly Beaten Unconscious

Pro-Trump Husband Arrested for Attacking Pro-Clinton Wife After Election Feud

Uber Driver Allegedly Hit Blind Man with Car, Denied Service to Seeing-Eye Dogs

Watch This Totally Out of Control Road Rage Incident Captured on Camera

Clarence Thomas Actor Allegedly Attacked Sanders Supporters

Now Katt Williams Was Arrested for Throwing a Salt Shaker

Michelle Fields Says State’s Attorney Should’ve Recused Himself Due to Trump Connection

UPDATE: Prosecutors Who Dropped Lewandowski Charge Say There was No Promise of Apology to Fields

Why Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski’s Battery Charge May Be Dismissed

Trump is Right, He Could Seek to Have Michelle Fields Prosecuted

Prosecutor on Lewandowski’s Battery Case is Prominent Hillary Clinton Supporter

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