Trump’s Shot at Cohen’s Father-in-Law Looks an Awful Lot Like Witness Tampering, Dems Say

‘The Law Has Clearly Not Caught Up’: Second Democratic False Flag Operation Against Roy Moore Revealed in New Report

Leading Dems Say There Is One Thing That Could Get Them to Impeach Trump

It’s 2019, But Avenatti Doubles Down Again on Claim That Trump Jr. Would Be Indicted by End of 2018

State Bill Calls for Teachers to Be Fired if They Discuss ‘Controversial Issues’

Roger Stone Says Jerome Corsi Lied About There Being ‘Cover-Story’ for Podesta Tweet

‘Put Up or Shut Up’: Giuliani Demands Mueller Issue Report on Russia Probe

Mueller’s Mystery Opponent Is Hoping to Appear Before Supreme Court. This Would Be Unprecedented.

‘Rat’: Trump Repeats Lie That FBI Improperly Accessed Cohen’s Office, Home, Hotel Room

Giuliani Suggests Cohen ‘Double-Crossed’ Trump Because No Pardon Was Offered

ABA Legal Fact Check: Board of Elections Must Decide Whether There Is Re-Vote in North Carolina

This Might Be the Only Way Trump Can Avoid Criminal Charges

Prosecutors Could Bring Charges Against Trump If He Loses 2020 Race, Report Says

James Comey Says He Reached Compromise with GOP Congress, Will Testify

Avenatti Insists His Chances at Presidential Bid Have Only ‘Gone Up’ After Domestic Violence Arrest

Corey Lewandowski Refuses to Say If John Kelly Grabbed Him by Collar

Mueller Better Off Not Putting Roger Stone’s Birther Friend as Witness, Says Dershowitz

Stacey Abrams Refuses to Call Brian Kemp ‘Legitimate’ Gov. of Georgia

First Amendment Expert Says CNN Should Sue White House for Revoking Acosta’s Press Pass

FLASHBACK: Court Slammed Broward County Elections Supervisor Twice This Year

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