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President Trump Just Made It Even Easier For His Accusers To Win In Court

Adam Schiff Knows Even Less About Attorney-Client Privilege Than Donald Trump Jr.

LEGAL ANALYSIS: Don Jr. Might be Able to Claim Attorney-Client Privilege Over Convos With His Dad

Could This ‘Anti-Trump’ Message From Mueller Team Member be Used to Prove Bias?

The Only Sure Thing About Masterpiece Cakeshop Is Justice Kennedy’s Confusion

Mueller’s Team Charged Trump Aide With Obstruction For… Shutting Down His Facebook

Anti-Trump FBI Agent Could Be Used to Jeopardize Mueller’s Case Against Manafort (and Maybe Others)

2 Reasons Why President Trump Should Be Very Nervous About Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea

Why Matt Lauer’s Alleged Sexual Assault Won’t Ever Be Prosecuted

Did Project Veritas Violate Law in Roy Moore Sting on Wash Po?

Here’s Why Conway Definitely Violated Federal Law By Slamming Roy Moore’s Opponent

Let’s Dissect Roy Moore Lawyer’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Demand Letter

Rand Paul’s Potential Personal Injury Lawsuit is All But a Sure Shot

In Bid to Free Steven Avery, Attorney Kathleen Zellner Seems to be Omitting Some Key Facts

ANALYSIS: David Boies May Have Violated Attorney-Client Privilege to Dish on Harvey Weinstein

Why Wasn’t Rand Paul’s Attacker Charged with a Felony for Allegedly Breaking His Ribs?

A Gag Order By Manafort Judge Would Violate Free Speech & Fair Trial

DiCaprio’s NDAs Would Probably Get Laughed Out of Court

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump Tweet Against Papadopoulos May Be Obstruction of Justice

Manafort Indictment Contains At Least One Glaring Factual Error

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