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5 Important Details You Might Have Missed in the Latest Mueller Indictment

Top Election Law Expert Doesn’t Think What’s in Mueller Indictment is All Actually Illegal

One Particularly Offensive Tweet About Islam Just Doomed Trump’s Latest Muslim Ban

3 Ways the FBI Just Called Out the White House for Apparent Lies on Porter Investigation

Why Didn’t Comey Go After Christopher Steele for Lying to the FBI?

Adam Schiff Might Have Released Classified Information in Attempt to Rebut Nunes Memo

Trump Could Face Witness Tampering Charges For Targeting FBI Agents in Mueller Probe

Trump’s Attempt at Firing Mueller Just Made Obstruction Case Even Stronger

By Ending Shutdown, Senate Democrats Gave Trump Budgetary Authority Over The Intelligence Community

Republican House Bill Would Criminalize Poverty For Dreamers

Aziz Ansari’s Apology Opens Him Up To Criminal Prosecution

Why Trump Won’t Do A Damn Thing If Porn Star Jessica Drake Breaks Her NDA

Trump’s Tweets Could Mean Freedom For Guantánamo Bay Detainees

8 Important Details From Fusion GPS’ Secret Testimony (Yes, Pee Tape Included)

Could Steele Really Be Prosecuted Over the Trump Dossier?

Why There Is Absolutely No Way Trump Can Block Publication Of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury

Centrist Legal Blog Lawfare Posts Article Basically Calling For Arming Terrorists

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump’s Nuclear Button Tweet Is Grounds For Removal Under 25th Amendment

Leaked Email Could Open Floodgates for Anti-Trump Lawsuits

LEGAL ANALYSIS: Why Mueller’s Seizure of Transition Emails Likely Violated the Law

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