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Omarosa Taping John Kelly in White House Situation Room Likely Not Criminal

Ted Cruz’s Criticism of Facebook Suggests He Doesn’t Understand How Freedom of Speech Works

‘What Does That Even Mean?’ Sotomayor Harshly Slams Alito’s Reasoning in Texas Redistricting Decision

SCOTUS Changes Course in Broad Allowance of State Sales Tax in Online Purchases

Congress Could Stop Trump’s Family Separation Policy by Repealing or Changing This Law

Mueller’s Attempt to Hide Evidence Just Got Torn Apart by Attorneys for Alleged Russian Troll Farm

FBI Agent Peter Strzok Just Threw a Major Legal Bone to Paul Manafort (and all the other Mueller Targets)

Here’s Why Michael Cohen Might be Parting Ways With His Attorneys

Mueller is Trying to Keep Evidence from Defendants in Russian Trolls Case

Wait, Did Trump Admin Just Lie in Court by Denying Family Separation Policy Exists ?

Ted Cruz Said He ‘Never Studied’ the Pardon Power. But in 2015 He Wrote About the Pardon Power.

George Soros Has Strong Defamation Case Against Roseanne Over ‘Nazi’ Tweet

It Could Cost ABC Big For Cancelling Roseanne

Understanding Planned Parenthood’s SCOTUS Loss (Hint: Don’t Panic or Celebrate)

Trump Wrongly Blames Democrats For Trump Policy of Separating Children From Families

Court Says Doctors and Nurses Can Pretty Much Commit Sexual Assault if Directed by Police

‘No Government Official is Above the Law’: Judge Rules President Can’t Block People on Twitter

In Epic Dissent, the Notorious #RBG Slams Neil Gorsuch’s Ability to Read

Justice Gorsuch Trolls Liberals by Citing Laurence Tribe in Anti-Workers’ Rights Ruling

Uber, Lyft Change Their Policies on Sexual Harassment

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