Biological Dad of Missing Maleah Davis Demands Answers from Stepfather Who Claimed She Was Kidnapped

2 Teens Allegedly Injured 8, Killed 1 in Highlands Ranch Shooting — Here’s What We Know

Maleah Davis’ Stepdad Now a Person of Interest After He Allegedly Changed His Story

Suspect in Biloxi Cop Killing Appears to Smile After Manhunt Comes to an End

Cops: Nurse Sent ‘Explicit and Private’ Images of 17 Elderly Patients to Father of Her Child

Cold Case: Cops Say Maryland Man Staged 1985 Murder of His Wife as Burglary

Man Faked Death in Europe to Collect $2 Million Life Insurance Payout

Deputies: 12-Year-Old Charged in Murder of 10-Year-Old Brother in Texas

Utah Woman Allegedly Gave Boyfriend ‘Spoonful of Drano’ So He Would Fall into ‘Eternal’ Slumber

AMBER Alert for Missing 4-Year-Old Girl After Father Said She Was Kidnapped by Three Men

Man Arrested for Allegedly Posing as Ride-Share Driver, Raping Woman

Arbitrator Rules That School District Can’t Fire Former Priest Who Got Teen Pregnant

After Trip To Aruba, NJ Lawmaker is Inspired to Ban Literally All Grocery Bags

White Gang Members Allegedly Tattooed, Misspelled Racial Slur on Fellow Gang Member

YouTube Star Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison After Badgering Underage Girls for Sexual Videos

AJ Freund’s Parents Allegedly Waited a Half-Hour After Friend Urged Them to Call 911

Plastic Surgeon ‘Boob God’ Is Peeved That Online Reviews Are Sagging

Mom: My 33-Year-Old Son Flushed My Parents’ Ashes Down the Toilet After I Kicked Him Out

Woman Claims Officer Asked if She Supported Trump, Arrested Her for ‘Sassing’ Cops

Alleged UNC Charlotte Shooter Decided to No-Show First Court Appearance

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