Police No Longer Believe Horrifying Online Video is Connected to Teen Girl Who Vanished in 2009 (Update)

WATCH: Video Shows Apparent Escape From Inmate Transport Van

Taxpayers on Hook for Planned Parenthood’s $1.6 Million in Legal Fees

Officer Resigns, Admits to Having On-Duty Sex Nearly 100 Times

Judge Temporarily Relaxes State Voter ID Laws, Offers Alternative

New Local Law Says Parents of Bullies Must Pay Fines if They Don’t Control Their Kids

2-Year-Old Finds Gun in Backseat, Fatally Shoots Mother Driving on Highway

Former GOP Staffer Admits Voter ID Law Meant to Hurt Democrats

Wisconsin Man Accused of ‘Waterboarding’ Girlfriend

Couple Arrested for Using 9-year-old Daughter as Designated Driver

‘Free’ Steven Avery Rally Turnout Was Pretty Lame

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