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Despite Trump’s ‘Collusion’ Accusation, Cruz and Kasich Are Doing Nothing Illegal

Trump’s Son Says Ted Cruz Has To Bribe Delegates to Win Nomination

Cruz Campaign Rep Calls ‘BS’ on Delegate Bribery Accusations

GOP Establishment Using Same Sleazy Tactics They Whined About in 2012

Ted Cruz Seems to Like North Carolina’s Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

A Legal Brief by Ted Cruz Once Compared Sex Toy Use to Hiring a Prostitute

Trump and Cruz are Wrong, It’s Still Possible for John Kasich to Win

Cruz Camp Pressuring Unpledged Colorado Delegates to Sign Document to Support Him

Man Takes His Anti-Ted Cruz ‘Birther’ Case All The Way to U.S. Supreme Court

The Pundits Are Wrong, Donald Trump Stills Wins The Nomination

It’s True, Ted Cruz May Have Violated Election Law With Super PAC Ads

Trump Flat Out Says Cruz ‘Illegally’ Coordinated With Super PACs, Violating Election Law

College Student Insists She Didn’t Have Sex with Ted Cruz After Twitter Impersonation

Former CIA Expert: Carly Fiorina Now Helping Cruz Deceive Public on Alleged Infidelity

Cruz Super PAC Accuses Kasich of Accepting Money from George Soros; They’re Wrong

The Mysterious Case of Ted Cruz PAC’s $1/2 Million ‘Donation’ to His Opponent

Donald Trump Threatens to Sue Over Louisiana Vote

Experts: Ted Cruz Appears Deceptive in His Response to Sex Scandal Story

What if the Cruz Sex Allegations Are False? What it Could Mean Legally

On Cruz ‘Affairs,’ Trump Forgot All The Times National Enquirer Got Sued For Getting it WRONG

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