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An Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist May Be Behind Ted Cruz’s Muslim Surveillance Proposal

Ted Cruz and His Tiny Shandong Issue

Judge Smacks Down Trump’s Ted Cruz Birther Claims, and Hardly Anyone Covers It

Trump is Right, Ted Cruz’s Eligibility to Be President is Debatable

New York Judge Sinks Cruz Birther Lawsuit

Pastor Who Gave Prayer at Cruz Rally Shot Outside Church

Sorry Donald, Cruz and Rubio Birther Lawsuit Fails in Florida

Ted Cruz Birther Case May Find Life in NY Court

New York City Considers Adopting Cruz-esque ‘Voter History’ Cards

Rubio and Cruz Should Stop Bragging, Their Tax Disclosures are a ‘Joke’

The 4 Must-Follow Lawsuits Challenging Cruz’s Presidential Eligibility

Judge Will Review ‘Birther Suit’ That Aims to Kick Ted Cruz off Ballot

Ted Cruz Wants to Filibuster Obama’s Nominee, That’s Never Happened

Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz is ‘Unstable,’ Threatens Lawsuit

Ted Cruz Says He Would Have Picked His Boss for U.S. Supreme Court

Donald Trump May in Fact Have Standing to Sue Ted Cruz

Trump Supporters Hit Ted Cruz with ‘Birther’ Lawsuit

Ted Cruz is Wrong, Waterboarding Does Meet the Legal Definition of Torture

Fox Anchor Geraldo Rivera Says Ted Cruz Campaign May Be Guilty of a Crime

Donald Trump Now Wants to Sue After Iowa Caucus Loss

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