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Ted Cruz’s Criticism of Facebook Suggests He Doesn’t Understand How Freedom of Speech Works

Ted Cruz Takes 18 Seconds of ‘Awkward’ Silence Before Balking at Trump Pardon Question (LISTEN)

It Looks Like Dinesh D’Souza Should Be Thanking Ted Cruz for the Trump Pardon

Ted Cruz Challenger Beto O’Rourke Slams Pelosi and Schumer for Supporting Trump’s Wall: ‘They Don’t Understand Texas’

Ted Cruz Rails Against Politicizing Tragedy Months After Politicizing Tragedy

Florida Rep Files Bill Against Porn, Despite Porn ‘Favorited’ From His Twitter Account

Senator Ted Cruz Definitely Has Huge Man Crush on Neil Gorsuch

Federal Bill Called ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Getting New Push Under Trump

Ted Cruz is Right, Clarence Thomas Should Not Be Snubbed by National Museum of African American History

Ted Cruz Hints a GOP Controlled Senate Will Block Any Clinton SCOTUS Nominee

Ted Cruz Calls for FBI to Release All Information Used to Reach ‘Today’s Dubious Decision’

The Mysterious Case of Ted Cruz PAC’s $1/2 Million ‘Donation’ to Help Carly Fiorina

Transgender Teen Claims He Was Kicked Out of Cruz Rally for Being Trans

Despite Trump’s ‘Collusion’ Accusation, Cruz and Kasich Are Doing Nothing Illegal

Trump’s Son Says Ted Cruz Has To Bribe Delegates to Win Nomination

Cruz Campaign Rep Calls ‘BS’ on Delegate Bribery Accusations

GOP Establishment Using Same Sleazy Tactics They Whined About in 2012

Ted Cruz Seems to Like North Carolina’s Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

A Legal Brief by Ted Cruz Once Compared Sex Toy Use to Hiring a Prostitute

Trump and Cruz are Wrong, It’s Still Possible for John Kasich to Win

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