Ohio Woman with Alleged History of Dog Sex Is Now Accused of Robbing a Bank

Woman Holds on Tight to Purse with $75K as Suspects Beat Her, Run Her Over with Car (VIDEO)

‘I Advise You to Back the **** Up’: Armed Woman Scared off Alleged Robber (WATCH)

Store Clerk Taunts, Scares Off Armed Robber with Knife (WATCH)

Motel Robber Used Fake Jamaican Accent, Clerk Says

Suspected Robber Plans to Sue Because Good Samaritan Beat Crap Out of Him (VIDEO)

Gas Station Robber Arrested After Getaway Car Ran out of Gas, Deputies Say

Robber with Face Tattoo Ate Food in Store, Bashed Door with Fire Extinguisher, Authorities Say

Store Clerks Beat Back Armed Robbers in One-Sided Fight, Police Say (WATCH)

Robbery Suspect Threatened Women with Acid, Police Say

Woman Brought 10-Year-Old Child to Armed Robbery, Deputies Say

Woman Says She Escaped Kidnappers by Jumping Out Moving Car

‘F–k the Police’: Accomplice Says OJ Didn’t Expect Consequences for Robbery (WATCH)

Robber Escaped by Carjacking Vehicle with Woman, Children Still Inside, Police Say

‘Get a Job’: Subway Employee Tells Off Robber (WATCH)

Man Tried, Failed to Break into ATM with Construction Machine, Police Say (WATCH)

Alleged Plot to Rob Pizza Delivery Man Goes Bad, With Teen Suspect Fatally Shot, Cops Say

Police Search for ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Man Who Sent 161-Page Threatening Manifesto to Trump

WATCH: NYPD Release Terrifying Video of Masked Shotgun Wielding Man

Gun-toting Couple Allegedly Steal $6 From 83-Year-Old Man In Broad Daylight

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