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Top 3 Takeaways from Wild WSJ Story on the Downfall of Trump’s ‘Fixers’

Melania Trump Should Really Stop Talking About Mira Ricardel Before She Gets Sued

Law Prof Calls B.S. on Melania Trump’s Claim About Sex Assault Victims

Melania Trump’s Parents Just Became U.S. Citizens Through ‘Chain Migration’

People Questioned Melania Trump’s Immigration History During Her Surprise Visit to Detention Center in Texas

Melania Trump Called the Secret Service Over Peter Fonda’s Threatening Tweet About Barron

Melania’s Parents Just Got Green Cards, and They’re Being Super Shady About the Process

The Trump Family Tried — and Failed to Vote Last Month. Here’s What Happened.

Melania Trump Threatens Lawsuit over These Billboards ‘Mocking’ Her English

Melania Trump Settles Defamation Lawsuit With Daily Mail Over Escort Story

Trump’s New Anti-immigrant Policy Would Have Made It Pretty Hard for Melania to Get Here

In Amended Libel Lawsuit, Melania Trump Now Includes ‘Hooker’ Statement from NY Times Reporter

Melania Trump’s Attorney May Have Just Blown Her $150 Million ‘Brand’ Claim against Daily Mail

In ‘Escort’ Lawsuit, Melania’s Lawyers Claim ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Chance to Cash in on White House Role Ruined

Blogger Agrees to Pay Melania Trump ‘Substantial Sum’ to Settle ‘Escort’ Lawsuit

Melania Trump Refiles Daily Mail Lawsuit over ‘Escort’ Story

Maryland Judge Kicks Melania’s ‘Escort’ Suit Against Daily Mail Out of Court

Melania Trump Wins First Hurdle in Defamation Lawsuit Against Blogger Over ‘Escort’ Story

As First Lady, Melania Trump Will Apparently Push Forward With $150 Million Lawsuit Against Unknown 70-Year-Old Blogger

Melania Trump Appears in Court for ‘Escort’ Defamation Lawsuit

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