McCrae Dowless

Republican Operatives Were Behind Some of the Most Egregious ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Frauds of Recent Memory

FBI Looked into McCrae Dowless Over Alleged Ballot Fraud in N.C. Before 2018 Election

Man Suspected of Ballot Fraud Scheme in NC Allegedly Told GOP Candidate He Was ‘Way in the Lead’

GOP Campaign Worker in NC Admits to Filling in Republican Votes on Absentee Ballots, Claims She Was Told to Lie

Dem Files for Do-Over Election in N.C. Due to Alleged GOP Ballot Fraud

Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorney Was Warned About GOP Ballot Tampering in N.C., Targeted Immigrants Instead

North Carolina GOP Accused of Derailing Investigation into Election Fraud

Alleged N.C. GOP Vote Harvester Was Reportedly Allowed to Copy Absentee Ballot Request Forms

Did Republicans in North Carolina Commit ‘Even Worse’ Ballot Fraud in Another Race?

‘I Have No Comment’: Mark Harris’ Alleged Ballot Harvester Confronted by Reporter (WATCH)

Workers Connected to Mark Harris Campaign Admit to Illegally Collecting Ballots in North Carolina

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