Lindsey Graham

Progressives Vow Revenge Against GOP for Acquitting Trump: ‘Every. Single. One.’

The Lindsey Graham (1999) Standard of ‘High Crimes’: ‘Important Person Hurts Somebody of Low Means’

’21 Empty Seats’: More Than One-Third of GOP Senators Reportedly Left Room During Schiff’s Speech

Now We Know When DOJ Inspector General’s FISA Report Will Be Released

Head of Bureau of Prisons: FBI Probe of Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Examining Possibility of ‘Criminal Enterprise’

Lindsey Graham Admits He Won’t Read Evidence of Quid Pro Quo. He Previously Said It Wouldn’t Be Proven.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Who Defended Trump’s ‘Lynching’ Tweet, Is from County Where South Carolina’s Last Lynching Occurred

Lindsey Graham Was Pranked by Russians, Called the Kurds a ‘Threat’ to Turkey During Phone Call

Lindsey Graham Offers Giuliani the Opportunity to Prove His Ukraine Conspiracy Theory

Republicans, Diplomats Slam Trump’s Syria Decision as ‘Grave Mistake’: ‘A Gift to Russia, Iran, and ISIS’

Legal Experts Demolish Lindsey Graham’s ‘Hearsay’ Defense of Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham Reveals Why He Owns an AR-15

Lindsey Graham Introduces Legislation to Overhaul Asylum Process, Says ‘Building a Wall’ Isn’t Enough

Now Would Be a Good Time to Recall President Trump’s Belief That the ‘Mob Takes the Fifth’

Lindsey Graham Gifted Donald Trump Jr. the Most Obvious Legal Advice Ever

Two Days After Declaring ‘It’s Over,’ Lindsey Graham Invites Mueller to Provide Testimony

Five Times Lindsey Graham Made a Fool of Himself During the Barr Hearing

Sen. Lindsey Graham Lambasted for Giving ‘Every Obstruction Defendant a New Defense’

1999 Lindsey Graham Reminds 2019 Trump it Doesn’t Matter if ‘There Were No Crimes’

Andrew McCabe’s Lawyer Trashes Lindsey Graham’s Concerns About FBI Arrest of Roger Stone

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