Lindsey Graham

Andrew McCabe’s Lawyer Trashes Lindsey Graham’s Concerns About FBI Arrest of Roger Stone

William Barr Made Some Big Promises to Lindsey Graham, Including a Strzok/Page Investigation

Lindsey Graham Wants Kavanaugh Re-Nominated if Vote Fails Due to ‘Outrageous Accusations’

‘How Could She Not Know About This?’: Lindsey Graham Accuses Ford’s Lawyers of Hiding Info to Delay (WATCH)

Dan Abrams Scolds Lindsey Graham: Either You Accept the ABA or You Don’t

Lindsey Graham: Mueller Probe ‘Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With’ McCabe, Must Be Able to Continue

Bombshell Email Suggests Comey May Have Misled Congress About Meetings With Obama on Russian Hacking

The Grassley Memo No One is Talking About is Far More Important Than Nunes

GOP Senators Recommend DOJ Investigate Dossier Author for Lying to Authorities

Even Lindsey Graham Shoots Down Trump Lawyer’s Claim About Obstruction of Justice

Trump’s Not Tough Enough To Gut The Constitution After All

Lindsey Graham Claims Obama Admin May Have Asked to Have Him ‘Unmasked’

Senator Claims Another Supreme Court Seat Could Be Opening Up Sooner Than We Think

Huckabee Pressures Graham to ‘Go Nuclear’ on Gorsuch by Implying He’s Gay

Even Lindsey Graham Is Ready to End Filibuster if Dems Block Gorsuch

Sen. Graham Warns Fellow Republicans What a Supreme Court Blockade Could Do

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