Trump Lawyer’s Defense: The President Wasn’t Calling Stormy Daniels a Liar, He Was ‘Calling B.S.’

$57 Million Case Against NPR’s Seth Rich Conspiracy Coverage Moves Forward

In Expressing Desire to Toughen Up Libel Laws, Trump Ends Up Suggesting Something Far Weaker

Trump Lawyer Files Lawsuit Over Steele Dossier, And He Actually Has Good Case

Trump’s Threatened Defamation Suit Against Bannon is Another Legal Loser

EXCLUSIVE: Former The Young Turks Reporter Files $23.5 Million Defamation Suit Against HuffPo Over Sexual Assault Story

Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Has Solid Defamation Case Against Fox News and Breitbart

Scaramucci Threatens Law Student, Comes Off Like A Whiny Brat

Let’s Dissect Roy Moore Lawyer’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Demand Letter

Judge Zeroes in on Key Issue in Palin’s NY Times Lawsuit

James Comey Has a Good Case to Sue Trump For Defaming Him in This Tweet

‘Honest Mistake’: Here’s New York Times’ Defense Against Palin Lawsuit

Can Palin Win Libel Suit Against New York Times? You Betcha

Turns Out CNN Producer Shown on Video Calling Russia Story ‘Bulls—‘ Also Being Sued for Libel

Aretha Franklin Makes Totally Strange Claim (By Fax) that Dionne Warwick Libeled Her

President Donald Trump Wants to Change the Libel Laws (Again), Except He Can’t

Could Obama Sue Trump for Libel Over Wiretapping Accusation?

Maryland Judge Kicks Melania’s ‘Escort’ Suit Against Daily Mail Out of Court

Yeah, Mariah Really Could Get Sued for Saying She Was Sabotaged During Disastrous Performance

Lawyer Sues for Libel Over Negative Three-Word Online Review. PLEASE.

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