Lev Parnas

Prosecutors Consider More Charges Against Giuliani’s Associates, Bringing Probe ‘Closer’ to Him

Veterans Affairs Dept. Planned to Partner with Lev Parnas’s Indicted Business Associate

Trump Was Reportedly Recorded Demanding Marie Yovanovitch’s Firing: ‘Get Rid of Her!’

‘Yeah, Isn’t That Something?’: GOP Senator Explains Why He Showed Up in Photo with Parnas

Actual Giuliani Response to Lev Parnas Claim: ‘It Was a Confidential Meeting — if It Did Happen’

Giuliani Suggests Marie Yovanovitch Unlawfully Surveilled Him, Sean Hannity, and Trump Jr.

Trump White House Really Doesn’t Want to Let Lev Parnas Speak at Impeachment Trial

Latest Parnas Docs Made Clear That Investigations of Rep. Nunes Are Necessary: Legal Experts

Devin Nunes Threatened to Sue Ted Lieu for Saying He Conspired with Lev Parnas

Former Federal Prosecutor: AG Barr ‘Should Probably Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney’

Lev Parnas and Robert Hyde Conduct Dueling TV Interviews in Response to Bombshell Document Dump

Bernie Sanders and Others Call for Investigation of Surveillance on Marie Yovanovitch

Sen. Susan Collins Slammed for Suggesting Timing of Parnas Docs’ Release Is Nefarious

‘Not Just Insane, But Deeply Chilling’ Parnas Docs Spark Calls for Secretary Pompeo’s Resignation

Docs Reveal Trump and Giuliani‘s ‘Personal Henchmen‘ Were ‘Physically Stalking a U.S. Ambassador’

Giuliani’s Indicted Associate Hands Over Messages and Photos ‘Relevant to Impeachment Inquiry’

Judge Allows Lev Parnas to Share Evidence with Congress That Could Corroborate Claims About Devin Nunes

Indicted Giuliani Associate’s iPhone Evidence May Soon Be in the Hands of Congress

Attorney Leaving Indicted Giuliani Associate Because ‘Ability to Fund’ Defense Has ‘Diminished’

Ukrainian Gas Company’s Executives Recently Spoke with Prosecutors in Giuliani Probe

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