Jacob Wohl

Former FBI Analyst Admits to Unlawfully Accessing Deep State Conspiracy Theorist’s Private Emails

The FBI Appears to Have an Active Criminal Investigation Into Jacob Wohl’s Surefire Intelligence

‘This Is Only the Beginning’: Michael Avenatti Says Jacob Wohl May Soon Be in Federal Prison

False Sex Assault Allegation Against Robert Mueller Was Even Dumber Than We Knew

No, Andrew McCabe Did Not Commit Treason By Plotting to Remove Trump Using the Constitution

If Surefire Intelligence Really Was Behind False Avenatti Police Report, Jacob Wohl Could Be in Deep Trouble

Jacob Wohl Accused of Fooling ‘Desperate’ Woman into Paying Him for Sham Private Investigation (UPDATED)

Gateway Pundit Leaves Jacob Wohl Out in the Cold as Alleged Mueller Sex Assault Scheme Falls Apart

The Hilariously Simple Way Surefire Intelligence Was Outed as Jacob Wohl’s Operation

Alleged Mueller Sex Assault Hoaxster Jacob Wohl: ‘My Default Is Not to Believe Women’

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