InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Arrested for Alleged DWI in Texas

Alex Jones and InfoWars Ordered to Pay More Than $100,000 in Sandy Hook Legal Fees

Defense Lawyer Responds to Allegation That Alex Jones Sent Child Porn to Sandy Hook Families’ Attorneys

Alex Jones Pays Out $15,000 in Pepe the Frog Dispute, Declares Victory

Corsi Accuses InfoWars, Alex Jones of Being Roger Stone’s Minions in $50M Lawsuit

Alex Jones is Being Purged from the Internet. Can He Sue?

After Being Hit With Libel Lawsuit, Alex Jones Makes Crazy Video Invoking ’12th Dimensional Helix’

Creator of Pepe Sues InfoWars for Co-Opting Image of His ‘Peaceful Frog-Dude’

GOP Aide Claims Parkland School Shooting Survivors Are ‘Crisis Actors’

Twitter Purges Multiple Alt-Right Accounts Citing Concerns Over Violence

INFOWARS Likely Just Violated Law by Posting Video of Rep. Barton Masturbating

Seattle Police Department Throws Major Shade At Alex Jones

Alex Jones Settles Chobani Defamation Case, Issues Retraction

Chobani Brings Defamation Lawsuit Against Alex Jones, InfoWars for Linking Company to Sex Assault

Right Wing Nut Alex Jones Brings All Kinds of Crazy to Courtroom in Custody Battle

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