House Judiciary Committee

4 Key Takeaways From House Judiciary Committee’s ‘Grounds for Presidential Impeachment’

Legal Experts: ‘Deeply Troubling’ Letter From Trump’s WH Counsel Is Factually and Historically Incorrect

Judiciary Committee Invites Trump and His Lawyers to Impeachment Hearings

House Democrats Add Top Impeachment Scholar to Legal Team

Dems Try to ‘Game System’ with Requests About McGahn, Mueller Grand Jury…. They Lost

Don McGahn’s Former Chief of Staff Agrees to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

DOJ Agrees to Turn Over ‘Key Evidence’ from Mueller Investigation

Legal Experts: Dems’ Expansive Probe Will Bring ‘Full Range of Issues Revolving Around Trump World to Light’

Lawyer for FBI Agent Peter Strzok Rips Republicans for Asking ‘What DO Trump Supporters SMELL like, Agent?’

WATCH: Jeff Sessions Hearing

That Russian Attorney Might Just Be Part of Why Trump Fired Preet Bharara

Dems Call for Hearing Citing Trump’s Tweets About Conflict-of-Interest

AG Lynch Unable to Cite Any Legal Authority Preventing Her From Discussing Clinton Investigation

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Refuses to Provide Additional Details About Clinton Investigation

House Democrats Need to Stop Playing Dumb and Take the IRS Commissioner’s Hearings Seriously

WATCH LIVE: House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing for Possible Impeachment of IRS Chief

WATCH LIVE: Apple and FBI Face Off in Congressional Hearing

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