george w bush

CNN Anchor Resurfaces Interview of Trump Praising Pelosi, Saying Bush Should Have Been Impeached

Federal Judge Blocks California Law Aimed at Trump’s Tax Returns — For Now

‘Torture Memos’ Author: Trump’s ‘Blanket’ Denial of Congressional Subpoenas Would Be ‘Unprecedented’

Donald Rumsfeld Apparently Didn’t Want to Use the Word ‘Homeland’ When Naming the Department of Homeland Security

Fmr White House Lawyer Compares Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comments To ‘Germany, 1933’

Trump’s Tweets Could Mean Freedom For Guantánamo Bay Detainees

The #Resistance Folds: Unites With Trump And Deep State To Protect Warrantless Surveillance

CREW Sues Trump’s DOJ Over FBI Text Messages; Wins Just Hours Later

Chemical Company’s Response To Water Worries: Silence

US to Be Investigated for War Crimes in Afghanistan

Philly Cops Say They Want To ‘Bitch Slap’ The City’s New District Attorney

Is Trump Looking For An Excuse To Fire Mueller Before He’s Impeached?

Trump’s Attacks On The First Amendment Don’t Remotely Compare To Bush’s (Or Obama’s)

Trump is Refusing to Let Other Countries Help Puerto Rico, and There is No Legal Justification

Why Won’t Media Outlets Report Mosque Bombings As Deliberate Terrorism

Trump Believes He Has Legal Authority To Fire Robert Mueller (And He Probably Does)

Important Legal Aspect of the 2016 Election That No One Is Talking About

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