Federal Election Commission

‘Bogus’: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Claims ‘Conservative Interest Groups’ Are Falsely Filing FEC Complaints Against Her

Trump Previously Testified That He Knew Quite a Bit About Campaign Finance Law

Manafort ‘Lied’ About Receiving $125K From Pro-Trump Super PAC. Campaign Finance Charges Could Be Next.

Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Cited for Accepting Hundreds of Illegal Campaign Contributions

Ben Shapiro Offers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a $10,000 Campaign Finance Violation

New Filing Shows Democratic National Committee is Basically Out of Money

Trump Admin. Sued For Allegedly Allowing Private Prison Company To Buy Influence

FEC is After Trump Big Time for Anonymous Donations, Inflating #’s, Other Violations

FEC Complaint Filed Against Democratic Law Firm Over Political Donation ‘Bonus’ Program

Report: FEC Democrats Voted to Punish Fox News Over GOP Debate Format

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