electoral college

Anti-Trump Forces Plan All Out Legal Assault on Electoral College

NYC Mayor DeBlasio Calls for End to Electoral College

Here’s Why Trump’s Claim That Millions Voted ‘Illegally” is So Absurd

Elector Plans to Sue So He Can Unbind From Clinton to Protest Electoral College

Election Law Expert: If Electoral College Abandons Trump, May Go Against Rule of Law

Prominent Harvard Law Prof Tells Electoral College to Abandon Trump

2 Million Sign Petition to Force Electoral College to Make Clinton President

The One Way to Save Us from a Trump Presidency Won’t (and Shouldn’t) Happen

The System IS Rigged, Which Is Why It’s Finally Time to Retire The Electoral College

Electoral College Crash Course: Here’s What They Actually Do

Democratic Elector May Upset Election Process by Refusing to Vote Clinton

Here’s How GOP Could Replace Donald Trump

How The Election Is Actually Rigged

If Bloomberg Runs, Electoral College System Makes Donald Trump Our President

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