electoral college

Colorado Asks SCOTUS to Resolve Dispute That Could Have Serious Consequences for the Electoral College

ABA Legal Fact Check: Constitution Silent on How Much Control States Have over Electoral College

SCOTUS May Get Chance to Dismantle Electoral College in Time for 2020 Election

Former GOP Governor: We Need Electoral College or Else ‘White People Will Not Have Anything to Say’

Colorado Likely to Enact Law Giving Electoral College Votes to Popular Vote Winner

Harvard Law Grad, DNC Chair Tom Perez Makes Glaring Constitutional Error in Law School Speech

Nebraska Bill Would Change Electoral College System, Benefiting Republicans

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wants to See Change to Electoral College

New Report Claims At Least 50 Trump Voters in Electoral College Were Illegally Seated

Hillary Had One Chance to Oust Trump This Week, and She Really Blew It

Donald Trump Wins Electoral College Vote, 2 Faithless GOP Electors Defect

LIVE UPDATES: Electoral College Vote Results

What Time Does Electoral College Vote? Here’s a State-by-State Guide

Reminder on Why The Electoral College Still Sucks

Our Complete List of States With Laws That Bind Votes of Presidential Electors

Where to Watch Live Streams of the Electoral College’s 2016 Meetings

46 More Electors Sign Onto Letter Demanding Putin/Trump Intelligence Briefing

‘Faithless Elector’ Scenario Disastrous Way to Save Us From President Trump

The Law Might Actually Allow Electors to Get Intel Briefing About Putin/Trump Connections

Colorado ‘Moral Electors’ File Lawsuit to Block Trump at Electoral College

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