‘Polite F-U Letters’: DOJ Says Emails Show ‘Brazen’ Illegal Coordination Among Drug Makers

#TrumpColluded Is Trending on Twitter

Giuliani Is Drastically Changing the Trump-Collusion Narrative, But it Looks Like He’s Just Getting Started

Rudy Giuliani May Have ‘Spilled the Beans’ on Something Big for a Second Time

‘Put a Fork In It, Old Man’: Legal Twitter Absolutely Torches Giuliani Over CNN ‘Collusion’ Claims

Bad News for Trump? Judge in Russia Case Says Collusion Could Be Enough for Criminal Charge

Extensive New Report Breaks Down Specifics of Multiple Potential Trump Campaign Crimes

Ivanka Trump Reportedly Told Cohen to Contact Russian Olympian Who Wanted Trump-Putin Meeting

The New Yorker‘s Jeffrey Toobin Totally Misread Rosenstein’s Memo to Mueller

Harvard Law Prof: Obstruction Alone Won’t Be Enough to Remove Trump from Office

In Bonkers NY Times Interview, Trump Says ‘No Collusion’ 16 Times

Grand Jury Docs Have Been Unsealed, and It’s Looking Even Worse for Manafort

Trump Can Try to Pardon Mueller’s Suspects But It Isn’t Going To Work

DOUBLE STANDARD: If Trump Jr. Committed a Crime, So Did McCain When He Sought Dirt From Foreign Spy

No, Trump Jr. Almost Certainly Didn’t Commit a Crime by Trying to Get Dirt from Russian Lawyer

Another Ex-Trump Aide Named in Infamous Dossier Denies Receiving Money From Putin

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