Cesar Sayoc

‘MAGAbomber’ Cesar Sayoc Sentenced for Sending Bombs to Democrats, Media Figures

MAGABomber’s Lawyers Detail the ‘Darkness’ Behind His ‘Infatuation’ with Trump

Accused MAGABomber Now Claims He Didn’t Believe Devices He Mailed Would Hurt People

Accused ‘MAGAbomber’ Cesar Sayoc Expected to Plead Guilty

‘Maniac Trump Supporter’ Identified as Cesar Sayoc Allegedly Threw Urine at Lesbian Couple

Alleged MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc Pleads Not Guilty

Alleged MAGAbomber’s Internet Searches Have Been Revealed

‘A License to Violently Act Out’: Mom of Alleged MAGABomber Calls Out Trump’s Rhetoric in Letter

Feds Label Cesar Sayoc ‘Domestic Terrorist,’ Reveal Alleged Online Search History Involving Targets

FBI Seems to Have Identified Alleged MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc Before Trump Tweeted Doubts About ‘Bombs’

Cesar Sayoc Was Reported for Threatening Behavior, But Twitter Apparently ‘Didn’t Find it That Serious’

Alleged ‘MAGAbomber’ Cesar Sayoc Fell for the Right-Wing Meme Machine Hook, Line and Sinker

‘These Are Not Hoax Devices’: What We Learned From DOJ Presser on Suspected ‘MAGAbomber’

This Is How Authorities Tracked Down Suspected ‘MAGAbomber’ Cesar Sayoc

Watch: DOJ Press Conference on Arrest of Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc

Registered Republican Bomb Suspect’s Social Media History More Than Suggests ‘MAGAbomber’ Name Has Merit

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