Brock Turner

Judge Who Went Easy on Brock Turner Is Now Soliciting Donations Over $135K Debt

‘Lacks Merit’: Court Slaps Down Brock Turner’s Appeal of Sexual Assault Conviction

Brock Turner Wants Sexual Assault Conviction Overturned Because He Only Tried to ‘Finger’ Unconscious Woman

California Voted to Recall Judge In Brock Turner Case, and It’s a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Judge in Brock Turner Rape Case Says Result of Backlash ‘Fundamentally Unfair’

Brock Turner Claims His Original Trial Was A ‘Lengthy Set Of Lies’

‘I Took an Oath’: Brock Turner Judge Defends Light Sentence Amid Recall Efforts

‘More Egregious Than Brock Turner’: DA Furious After Judge Gives Probation to Man Who Raped Teen Sister

Investigative Report Shows Brock Turner’s Judge Really Wasn’t ‘Biased’

Finally, Someone is Holding Stanford University Responsible for Campus Rape

Because of Brock Turner, California Says No Probation for Sex Crimes

Another Collegiate Rape Case, Only This Time Without White Privilege

Protesters Armed With Rifles Surround Brock Turner’s Home And Spectacularly Miss The Point

WATCH: Brock Turner Released From Jail After Serving Only Three Months

Protest Planned as Brock Turner Gets Released From Jail for ‘Good Behavior’

Brock Turner to Be Released From Jail After Serving Only About 1/2 of Sentence

Brock Turner Judge Delayed Sentencing for Domestic Abuser so He Could Play Football

Star Athlete Gets Just Probation in Rape Case, But Let’s Not be Quite So Outraged

Stanford University’s Answer to Campus Rape: Smaller Bottles of Booze

Brock Turner Judge Recuses Himself From Ruling in Sex Crime Case

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