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Voting Machine in Georgia Governor’s Home Precinct Produced ‘Less Than 1 in 1 Million’ Anomaly: Report 

Federal Judge Finds Georgia County Violated Civil Rights Act — Here’s What it Means for the GOP

Georgia Officials Kept Hundreds of Voting Machines Locked in Warehouses on Election Day

Lawyer Suing Kemp’s Office: Saying He Isn’t ‘Umpiring’ His Own Election Is Like Saying Trump Doesn’t Control the Military

‘Invalid’: Brian Kemp Had Some Serious … Issues While Trying to Cast a Vote for Himself

Georgia Voters File for ‘Emergency’ Restraining Order Against Brian Kemp

Georgia Bureau of Investigation to Look into Brian Kemp’s Claims of Democratic Election Hacking

FLASHBACK: Georgia Secretary of State Accused Obama’s DHS of Hacking Attempt, But Was Debunked

Facing Voter Suppression Claims, Georgia GOP Candidate Launches Investigation into Democrats over Alleged Hacking Attempt

A Win for Voters: Judge Rules 3,141 People Flagged by Georgia as Non-Citizens Can Vote on Election Day

‘As Far as We Know, it’s Not a Thing’: Investigation of ‘Lost’ Absentee Ballots in Georgia Comes Up Very Empty

In Awkward Turn of Events, Georgia Secretary of State’s Office Will Investigate Missing Absentee Ballots

Federal Judge Hammers Ga. Secretary of State Brian Kemp Over Alleged Voter Disenfranchisement Scheme

Georgia’s Secretary of State Expresses ‘Concern’ That Too Many People Might Be Voting Lawfully

DHS: Alleged ‘Cyber Attack’ on Georgia Was Just Fed Employee Copy-and-Pasting

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