Black Lives Matter

‘Communism Will Win’: U.S. Army Infantry Officer Posts Message In Support of Kaepernick

‘The Klan With a Tan’: Calls For St. Louis Cop To Be Fired After Offensive Black Lives Matter Post

St. Louis Police Mock Protesters, Chant: ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets’ (VIDEO)

Police Trample Elderly Woman During St. Louis Protests (VIDEO)

Literal Fake News: Black Lives Matter Did Not Block Hurricane Harvey Relief

A Police Officer Wore This ‘White Power’ T-Shirt to Court, and People are Outraged

This One Image Shows The Power Of Filming Police Interactions

Wounded Cop Files Lawsuit Accusing Black Lives Matter of Inciting Violence

Officer Wounded in Deadly Ambush Sues Black Lives Matter

‘I Don’t Want You To Get Shooted!’ Heartbreaking Video Shows Little Girl Consoling Mom After Castile Shooting

Black Lives Matter Wants Federal Court to Oversee Chicago Police, Lawsuit Says

Cop’s Wife Accused of Staging Robbery She Blamed on Black Lives Matter

WATCH VIDEO: New Trump Hotel Tagged With ‘Black Lives Matter’

Student Arrested After Wearing Gorilla Mask, Carrying Bananas at Black Lives Matter Protest

George Zimmerman Calls Black Lives Matter ‘Terrorist Cowards’ During Trial (Video)

Group Chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Charged With Riot for Allegedly Attacking White Targets

Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested Multiple Times for Impersonating Police Officer

Hipster Dude Caught on Camera Ripping Down Ribbons Supporting Police

Attorney Jailed For Refusing to Remove Black Lives Matter Pin

Police Union Upset With ‘Black Lives Matter’ Banner at City Hall

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