Assault | Law & Crime


71-Year-Old Woman Charged for Assaulting Pregnant Soldier (WATCH)

Cops Taser Naked Man Who Allegedly Attacked Subway Passengers (VIDEO)

Rand Paul’s Potential Personal Injury Lawsuit is All But a Sure Shot

Why Wasn’t Rand Paul’s Attacker Charged with a Felony for Allegedly Breaking His Ribs?

UFC Champion Sued for Alleged Gym Assault on College Student

Couple Charged with Causing Deputy’s Panic Attack (WATCH)

Teens Viciously Attack Man Who Asked Them To Stop Smoking Weed on Train (WATCH)

Woman Faces Probation for Groping Female Passenger During Las Vegas Flight

Greg Gianforte Pleads Guilty to Assault on Reporter

Woman Admits in Court That She and About 30 Others Beat Gay Church Member

Man Arrested for Groping, Then Shoving Actress onto Subway Tracks

WATCH: Angry Young Man Goes Nuts Destroying Pro-Life Display on College Campus

Mother Arrested For Kicking Child Out of Home Over Incorrectly Cited Bible Verse, Cops Say

WATCH: Man Receives Brutal Beating After Offering to Pay for Stranger’s Meal, Police Say

Woman Attacked Boyfriend with ‘Samurai-Type’ Sword, Police Say

Watch: Lyft Driver Gets Beatdown From Group Of Dirt Bikers, Cops Say

Cops: Mom Brutally Beats 71-Year-Old Woman After She Scolded Her Child for Bad Manners

WATCH: Full Scale Melee Breaks Out at High School State Wrestling Championship

Man Allegedly Attacked Museum Security Guard over Crooked Painting

Police Officer’s Scuffle With Pantless Man Causes Concern About New Use of Force Rules (VIDEO)

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