Man Assaults 13-Year-Old For Not Removing Hat During National Anthem

Authorities Backpeddle; Now Say No One Was Shot at Baton Rouge Walmart

Bystanders Chant ‘Lock Him Up’ After Man Punches Anti-Trump Protester (WATCH)

‘They Used Self-Defense Out There’: Bounty Hunters Who Shot, Killed Wrong Person Found Not Guilty of Most Charges

‘He Lowered His Shoulder’: Sheriff Denies Officers Brutally Beat Black Man After Lawyer Shares Graphic Image

Three Charged In Connection with Viral Disneyland Brawl (WATCH)

Woman Attacks Boyfriend for ‘Looking at Other Women,’ Stuns Fellow Passengers (WATCH)

Victim of Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp Charged for Alleged Domestic Violence

Transgender Woman Assaulted Just One Month Ago in Viral Video Found Murdered

Woman Beaten in Planet Fitness Parking Lot (FULL VIDEO)

Jurors Convict Man in Parking Lot Beating of Female Planet Fitness Employee

Chris Brown Arrested After Concert on Warrant for Alleged Assault

Teen Allegedly Assaulted at Burger Joint for Wearing MAGA Hat (Video)

71-Year-Old Woman Charged for Assaulting Pregnant Soldier (WATCH)

Cops Taser Naked Man Who Allegedly Attacked Subway Passengers (VIDEO)

Rand Paul’s Potential Personal Injury Lawsuit is All But a Sure Shot

Why Wasn’t Rand Paul’s Attacker Charged with a Felony for Allegedly Breaking His Ribs?

UFC Champion Sued for Alleged Gym Assault on College Student

Couple Charged with Causing Deputy’s Panic Attack (WATCH)

Teens Viciously Attack Man Who Asked Them To Stop Smoking Weed on Train (WATCH)

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