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Cosby Lawyers Blame Sexual Assault Allegations on Racism

Bill Cosby Fighting To Keep Phone Call with Victim’s Mother Out of Court

Bill Cosby Drops Lawsuit Against Accuser And National Enquirer

Bill Cosby Gets Key Ruling in Case Against Sexual Assault Accuser

Inside the Cosby Criminal Case: What’s Next?

Bill Cosby’s Criminal Case Will Proceed to Trial

Bill Cosby Headed Back to Court, Wants to Force Accuser to Testify

Maybe Now, People Will Start To Take The Cosby-Trump Similarities Seriously (Updated)

Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Raised Campaign Funds for DA Who Didn’t Prosecute the Comedian

Cosby Wants Refund from Alleged Victim Because of the Criminal Charges

Bill Cosby Sues Accuser Whose Allegations Resulted in His Arrest

Day 2 Bill Cosby in Court: Attorney Says DA Promised Not to Prosecute

UPDATE: Former DA Testifies About Why He Did Not Prosecute Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby’s Criminal Hearing: Here are The Three Possible Outcomes

Bill Cosby Criminal Case May Hinge on What Happens at This Hearing

Why an Email Could Blow Up the Criminal Case Against Bill Cosby

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