Alan Dershowitz

‘This Is Not a Legal Issue’: Dershowitz Unloads on Dem Subpoena of ‘Full’ Mueller Report

Court Moves Towards Unsealing Docs That Could Expose Details of Alleged Epstein Sex Ring

Dershowitz: Congress Should Pass Amendment to Add Reasons for Removing President

Alan Dershowitz Finally Disagreed with Trump About Something

Alan Dershowitz Is Officially Involved in the Harvey Weinstein Case

Alan Dershowitz Just Contradicted His Main Defense Against Trump Obstruction

‘Keep Kissing His Ass’: Michael Avenatti Challenges Dershowitz to Defend Trump at Senate Trial

Dershowitz: ‘Secret’ Emails About Sex Allegations Will Put ‘Prominent People in Handcuffs’

Dershowitz Threatens to Sue a Whole Lot of People over Underage Sex Abuse Allegations

Avenatti Blasts Dershowitz as ‘Tool for the Right’ for Threatening to Sue over Underage Sex Allegations

Alan Dershowitz Threatens Lawsuit Against Democrat Who Accused Him of Having Sex With Underage Girls

Harvard Law Prof Calls Out Alan Dershowitz for ‘Insisting’ FBI ‘Went Awry’ with Flynn Interview

Alan Dershowitz Roasted After Telling Fox News ‘Lying to the FBI is Not a Crime’

Dershowitz: Flynn’s Lies Don’t Justify Mueller’s ‘Ignoble’ Methods

‘Wake Up and Learn the Facts’: Avenatti Strikes Back After Dershowitz Blasts Stormy Daniels for ‘Classic Extortion’

‘Bigot?’: The Kathy Griffin vs. Alan Dershowitz Twitter Feud Has Taken Some Bizarre Turns

Dershowitz Goes Off on Woman Who Made Underage Sex Allegations: ‘She Should Be Seriously Punished’

Dershowitz Confirms He’s Still Advising Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Had ‘Therapeutic’ Massage at His House

‘He’s Paid to Say That’: MSNBC Legal Analyst Torches Alan Dershowitz’s Latest Defense of Trump

Mueller Better Off Not Putting Roger Stone’s Birther Friend as Witness, Says Dershowitz

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