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California man killed by police in Utah after driving across three states to kill his brother, set house on fire


Jeffrey Roberts is seen on home security footage at his brother’s home in North Ogden, Utah (via Law&Crime Network).

Two brothers are dead after one apparently drove more than 700 miles across three states to kill the other before setting his brother’s house on fire and getting into a fatal shootout with police.

Jeffrey Roberts, 66, is believed to have driven from Long Beach, California, to North Ogden, Utah, and killed his brother Scott Roberts. Footage from a Ring doorbell camera and police body cameras show both the initial confrontation between the brothers as well as the deadly shootout between the suspect and law enforcement that followed.

Home security footage released by the Weber County Attorney’s Office shows Jeffrey Roberts approaching the home at around 7:12 p.m. and ringing the doorbell. While he waits for a response, he is seen reaching his right hand into the left inside pocket of his jacket and appearing to adjust the contents.

Scott Roberts answers the door, and the two have what sounds like a relatively friendly — if not superficial — chat.

“Hey, what’s up?” Jeffrey Roberts says.

“What are you doing?” Scott Roberts replies. Jeffrey Roberts says that he came to the house “to see mom.”

“She’s not here,” Scott Roberts says, telling his brother that she’s in Missouri living with a woman “who’s taking care of her.”

“How long has she been there?” Jeffrey Roberts asks. At this time, a small white and brown dog is seen on the front porch, its tail wagging as it sniffs at the feet of the visitor.

“About a year,” Scott Roberts says.

Jeffrey Roberts reaches into the left inside pocket of his jacket with his right hand.

“Really?” he says.

Scott Roberts doesn’t verbally respond. Jeffrey Roberts then pulls out a handgun and starts shooting.

via Weber County Attorney’s Office

Screaming can be heard in the background as Jeffrey Roberts appears to fire off a few more rounds before entering the home. More yelling — and more gunshots — soon follow. The dog, who was visibly startled by the sound of gunfire, is seen running into the home after Jeffrey Roberts forces his way inside.

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Audio from a 911 call reveals that a neighbor believed he heard gunshots coming from the house, although he wasn’t certain.

“It was next door and it sounded like gunshots, but I’m not sure about that,” a man’s voice is heard saying on the 911 call, according to the Weber County Attorney’s Office. The neighbor, who was not identified, told the dispatcher that he heard “several” gunshots before seeing a man in front of Scott Roberts’ home.

“There was a guy that walked out of the house, but I couldn’t tell,” the neighbor said, adding that the man was in a brown van and was still there.

“I’ve never seen the van, but it looks like it’s a work van, but I don’t know,” the neighbor said. “Now I’m questioning myself.” He told the dispatcher that it “sounded like gunshots” and asked for police to “at least come check it out.”

Ring doorbell camera video shows Jeffrey Roberts walking out of the house and returning moments later carrying a shotgun and a large bag. He is breathing heavily as he reenters the house.

After around five minutes, the doorbell camera shows Jeffrey Roberts leaving the house, again carrying a shotgun, and apparently giving instructions over the phone. A high-pitched alarm is blaring from the house. Jeffrey Roberts walks down the porch before turning back and reentering the house.

“Empty my bank accounts as quick as you can,” he is heard saying into the phone.

Next, the doorbell camera footage shows Jeffrey Roberts firing his handgun toward the street. He steps forward, away from the house, before apparently being shot multiple times by police and falling to the ground.

One of the three officers on the scene had his body camera turned on. It shows them firing on Jeffrey Roberts and approaching him after he falls to the ground. The officers approach the house as the fire alarm continues to sound and black smoke pours out the door and windows. One of the officers determines that a woman inside said she had been shot.

“I don’t think we can go inside with this smoke,” an officer is heard saying on the police body camera footage.

via Law&Crime network.

Despite those concerns, Scott Roberts’ wife is apparently able to be removed from the house. According to the Weber County Attorney’s Office, Jeffrey Roberts shot her and she is recovering from her injuries.

Authorities say that Jeffrey Roberts is believed to have used road flares to set fire to the house.

The county attorney’s office says Roberts was carrying 23 fully loaded handgun magazines. He was also found with a 12-gauge shotgun and had more than 150 shotgun shells in his possession, officials said.

The confrontation apparently endangered other residents: according to the county attorney’s office, a house across the street “received multiple bullet impacts from Jeffrey Roberts.”

The Weber County Attorney’s Office says the matter is currently under investigation.

Watch video of the confrontation below, via Law&Crime Network.

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