Back with a Bang: Utah Singles Are Finally Free to Fornicate

Single People May Soon Be Able to Have Sex Legally in Utah

Insane Video Shows Defendant Run Out of Courtroom, Dive Over Balcony in Attempted Escape

State Bar Apologizes After Emailing Boobs to Every Lawyer in Utah

School Under Fire for Telling Girls They MUST Dance with Boys

Art Teacher Fired For Showing Students Classical Nude Paintings

Cop Punches Through Frozen Pond to Save Boy on Christmas

Fake Doctor Offering Money for ‘Anatomy Research’ on Craigslist Charged with Rape

‘I Wanna Help Kill Them’: Utah Teen Facing Murder Trial for Allegedly Arranging Friend’s Suicide

White Cheerleaders Investigated After Screaming: ‘F-*k N-**ers’ Over And Over (VIDEO)

Utah Police Appear to Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back (VIDEO)

High School Teacher Grades Students As ‘Nerd’ and ‘Fruitcake’

Say, What? Utah School Fines Tardy Students

Utah Nurse Forcibly Arrested After Refusing To Give Cop Unconscious Man’s Blood (WATCH)

Utah Moves to Toss School Ban on ‘Advocacy of Homosexuality’

4 Plead Guilty in Theft of Dinosaur Bones From Utah Site

Man Accused of Planting Note on Plane Warning of Bomb

Lawsuit Alleges Utah’s So-Called ‘No Promo Homo’ Law is Unconstitutional

DEA is Trying to Get Prescription Records Without a Warrant

This Guy Was Arrested for Allegedly Running Naked with Bells on His Genitals

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