FBI Dropped the Ball on Parkland, Florida School Shooting Investigation, Report Says

“I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

Those are the words left on a YouTube channel’s comments section last September by someone using the name Nikolas Cruz. The words are chilling, because Cruz is now accused of shooting and killing seventeen people at a school in Parkland, Florida this week.

It’s unclear whether the suspect is the person who actually wrote the comment. The connection was first discovered by BuzzFeed overnight.

The person whose channel the comments were on notified the FBI, BuzzFeed reported, but the tip seems to have stalled. The FBI confirmed Thursday that it received the tip, but was unable to verify it:

And then, when pressed, the FBI refused to say how far it went in actually trying to verify the threat:

Ironically, President Trump Tweeted this morning that the solution to stopping shootings like the Parkland school massacre isn’t in gun control, but rather in alerting the authorities:

Blowback was swift:

[Image via Dzelat/Shutterstock]

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