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Nine Takeaways from Kavanaugh’s Op-Ed in Friday’s Wall Street Journal

Alternate Jurors Reveal They Were Poised to Convict Former Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke of Murder

‘His Eyes Were Just Bugging Out’: Chicago Cop Accused of Murdering Black Teen Testifies (WATCH)

Jeff Flake’s Kavanaugh Statement Gets the Law Wrong

Key Witness in Jessica Chambers Murder Trial Backfires for Prosecutors

Kavanaugh Is Risking Defamation Lawsuit & Should Clam Up Until Hearings, Says Legal Expert

Dems Brace for Christine Blasey Ford as Possible No-Show at Thursday’s Kavanaugh Hearing

‘No Intercourse’: Republican Vying to Boot Democrat from Senate Has Rambling Defense of Kavanaugh

Trump Hurls Recycled Insult at Kavanaugh Accuser — Right After Stormy Daniels Judge All But Okayed It

Watch Live: Melanie Eam, Accused of Murdering Boyfriend, Murder Trial

Top Potentially Troublesome Moments For Kavanaugh During His FOX Interview

Jury Deadlocked After 3rd Trial for Child Sex Abuse & Murder Defendant Stanley Liggins

Kavanaugh Makes Clear in New Statement There’s No Chance He Withdraws

Conservative Columnist Walks Back Claim That Kavanaugh Accuser ‘Left Out’ Ties to George Soros

Brad Fields Convicted of Torturing, Murdering Michigan 4-Year-Old

‘No Remorse’: Kody Lott Convicted of Murdering Texas Teenager Lauren Landavazo

On 9/11 Anniversary, Inspector General Decries ‘Outrageous’ Secrets in Afghanistan (WATCH)

‘Get ‘Em Out of Here’: Court Says First Amendment Protects Trump in Protester Lawsuit

Accused NYC Terrorist Is Using Trump Tweets to Avoid the Death Penalty

Judge Denies ‘Making a Murderer’ Subject Steven Avery’s Bid for a New Trial

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