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Trump May Have Made Mueller’s Obstruction Case Even Easier with Latest Claim

Congressmen Seek to Link John Bolton to Alleged Russian Spy’s NRA Infiltration

Police: Shayna Hubers Crazy Texted Her Victim and Searched His New Date Online

The Questions Brett Kavanaugh Came Up with During Bill Clinton Investigation Were Released, and They Are GRAPHIC

Here’s Everything Miss Ohio 2012 Said in the Shayna Hubers Murder Trial

‘I Did It’ & ‘Amazing Grace’: Jurors in Shayna Hubers Re-Trial Hear Defendant in Her Own Words

Defense: Accused Murderer Shayna Hubers’ Inability to Orgasm Caused Boyfriend’s Anger

Opening Statements Complete in Shayna Hubers ‘Nose Job’ Murder Re-Trial

Jury Seated in ‘Nose Job Killer’ Trial of Kentucky Woman Shayna Hubers

Alleged ‘Nose Job Killer’ Shayna Hubers to Stand Trial Monday

Blame Congress, Not the Internet, for Creating Alex Jones

‘Making a Murderer’ Defense Says Cops Told Family to Destroy Evidence

Jury Recommends Death for Cincinnati Serial Killer Anthony Kirkland

Serial Killer Says He Won’t Give Excuses, Then Gives Excuses For Killing Spree

Woman Beaten in Planet Fitness Parking Lot (FULL VIDEO)

Jurors Convict Man in Parking Lot Beating of Female Planet Fitness Employee

Kavanaugh Bows Out As His Own Court Smacks Down Catholic Church

The NRA May Be Turning Donald Trump against 3D Printed Guns

Ohio Detective Pleads Guilty to Botching Murder Investigation

Jury Convicts Demetrius Elder of Lesser Charge in Deadly Road Rage Stabbing

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