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Watch Live: William Woodward Neighborhood Feud Murder Trial Day 1

Fusion GPS Boss More or Less Called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a Liar

If Trump & Porn Star Did Have Sex, This Is Probably Probably How He Covered It Up

Netflix Should Axe Film Glorifying ‘Baby Prostitutes,’ Group Says

Trump ‘Greatly Exaggerated’ His Finances, Fusion GPS Boss Said

Fusion GPS Researched Trump Ties To Russian Organized Crime

Fusion GPS Attorney: Someone Got Killed Because of the Steele Dossier

‘Dark Side’ Federal Unit Feeds Possibly Illegal Tips to Local Cops, Report Says

Newspaper Cans Editor for Blasting Driver’s License Gender Options

WATCH LIVE: Murder Trial For Marine Accused of Drunk Driving Deaths Day 1

Icy Blast Means Legal Liability For Pet Owners

Couple Charged with Delivering Drugs by Drone

California Cops Bust Pot Distributors on Eve of Legalization

Law&Crime‘s Top New State Laws Taking Effect In 2018

Cops Remove White Supremacist Memorial for Woman Shot by Black Officer

Hey Trump, Republicans First Funded Russia Dossier, Not DNC or Clinton

Judge Questions Mueller’s Target Relationship With Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist After Bizarre Video

Elderly Couple Tells Cops that 60 Pounds of Pot were ‘Christmas Presents’

NTSB: Amtrak Engineer Said He Was Going Too Fast Before Deadly Crash

Ohio Just Banned Abortions For Fetuses With Down Syndrome

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