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Teenager Passes Out As Jury Announces Her Guilty Verdict in ‘Hair Weave’ Murder Trial

Tennessee Murder Trial Highlights Laws For Killing Embryos, Fetuses

The Adam Matos Jury Must Consider This List Of Charges

Accused Quadruple Killer Adam Matos Takes The Stand WATCH LIVE NOW

WATCH LIVE: Shelby Isaac ‘Hair Weave’ Murder Trial Day 2

Opening Statements in Shelby Isaac ‘Hair Weave’ Murder Trial Day 1

Is Autistic Son Key To Solving Florida Quadruple Murder?

Adam Matos Was ‘Necessary Evil’ In Lives Of Quadruple Murder Victims

In Bid to Free Steven Avery, Attorney Kathleen Zellner Seems to be Omitting Some Key Facts

Florida Quadruple Murder Suspect Asked About O.J. Simpson Connection

TIMELINE: The Adam Matos Quadruple Murder Trial

Prosecutor Details Grisly Quadruple Murder in Adam Matos Trial

Too Hot To Convict? ‘Attractive’ Accused Killer ‘Distracts’ Potential Juror

‘Making A Murderer’ Attorney Accuses Family Of Lying, Deleting Evidence

Accusations Kushner Deleted His Tweets Today Are Fake News

The Domestic Violence Law That Might Have Saved This Family’s Life

TIMELINE: What Happened The Day Jessica Chambers was Murdered

There are Some Problems With State’s Case In the Jessica Chambers Murder Trial

Prosecutor Tells Jurors How Jessica Chambers Was Burned Alive During Opening Statement

Jessica Chambers Murder Trial: Unraveling The Murder Charges Against Quinton Tellis

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