Washington Post

GOP Lawmaker Suggests Lack of Fox News Citations in Mueller Report Proves Bias

Top Five Russia Reporting Failures, Many of Which Relied on Anonymous Sources

Nick Sandmann’s Lawyers May Have Just Cost Him Millions with a Rookie Mistake

Jerome Corsi Accuses Mueller of Being Source of BuzzFeed Report, Ups Damages in Lawsuit to $1.5 Billion

Viral Story About Prisoners’ Holiday Meals During Shutdown Reeks of Propaganda

After Backlash, WaPo Changes ‘Public Safety’ Tag on Article About Kavanaugh Coaching Girls Basketball

Report: U.S. Knew of Saudi Plan to Capture WaPo Columnist, Failed to Stop It

WaPo Op-Ed Columnist Megan McArdle Wants Kids to ‘Gang Rush Shooters’

Sexual Assault Accuser Leigh Corfman Sues Roy Moore For Defamation

Democrat Ted Lieu Repeats CNN‘s Debunked Wikileaks Claim, Deletes Widely-Shared Tweet After Being Called Out

Roy Moore Threatens Lawsuit Against Washington Post for Alleged False Story

Roy Moore Would Remain on Ballot Even if GOP Withdrew Nomination

Trump Grants 15,000 Visas To Foreign Workers During ‘Made In America’ Week

Texas Judge Accused Of Using Drugs, Sexting Her Bailiff and Hiring Prostitutes

Washington Post Officially Now Admits Totally Blowing Story About Russian Hacking U.S. Power Grid

WaPo Issues Major ‘Editor’s Note’ to Clear up Report Claiming Russians Hacked US Power Grid

WashPo‘s E.J. Dionne Fails Miserably Trying to Play ‘Lawyer’ on Clinton Probe

Sorry Ted Cruz, Gun Control Doesn’t Increase Rape

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