Susan Collins

Sen. Susan Collins Slammed for Suggesting Timing of Parnas Docs’ Release Is Nefarious

Endangered Sen. Susan Collins Targeted for Supporting Trump’s Anti-Obamacare Judges

Pro-Life Trump Judicial Nominee–a Former Brett Kavanaugh Clerk–Confirmed by Senate

Sen. Susan Collins Refuses to Rule Out Having the Bidens Testify in Impeachment Inquiry

New Poll Suggests Sen. Susan Collins’ Support for Brett Kavanaugh Will End Her Career

Sen. Susan Collins Is Fundraising Off of Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

Is Susan Collins’ Kavanaugh Support Coming Back to Haunt Her? Warren Campaign Is Spending Big to Unseat Her

Sen. Susan Collins Is ‘Sad’ That Supporting Brett Kavanaugh Has Cost Her Some Votes

Michael Avenatti Calls Sen. Susan Collins a ‘Fraud’

Sen. Susan Collins Criticized for Downplaying Mueller Report as ‘Unflattering Portrayal’ of Trump

FBI: Woman Who Sent Fake ‘Ricin’ Letter to Sen. Susan Collins Didn’t Think Threat Would Be Taken Seriously

Kavanaugh Debacle Prompts Early Challengers for Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins

GOP Sen. Susan Collins Announces She Will Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Watch Live: GOP Sen. Susan Collins Announces Kavanaugh Decision

Capitol Police Bar Press From Asking Sen. Susan Collins Questions Due to ‘Safety Concerns’

GOP Senator Says She Won’t Support Supreme Court Nominee Who Would Overturn Roe v. Wade

DHS Slams Bi-Partisan Immigration Bills While Praising Trump’s Preferred Policy

Net Neutrality Restoration Bill One Vote Shy Of Passage

Bipartisan Senate Proposal Could Push Off Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Top Ten Bombshells From The Comey Testimony

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