Carter Page Surveillance is Hardly a Smoking Gun in the Anti-Trump DOJ Conspiracy Theory

‘Dark Side’ Federal Unit Feeds Possibly Illegal Tips to Local Cops, Report Says

Could Trump Secretly Record James Comey. . .Legally?

Susan Rice Refuses to Deny Trump ‘Unmasking’ Requests — Despite Claiming Ignorance Just Weeks Ago

USA Today Reporter Files Lawsuit for FBI Trump Surveillance Records

Did Obama Advisor Susan Rice Break Law By Requesting ‘Unmasking’ of Trump Officials?

Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice Reportedly Requested ‘Unmasking’ of Trump Officials

Trump’s Big Mouth May Have Overshadowed Legally Questionable Conduct by Obama Admin

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Obama Admin Used British Intel Service to Spy on Trump During Campaign

Emails Show Federal Agents Used License Plate Scanners to Collect Information at Gun Shows

Security Footage Shows Man Snatching Girl From Store

Court to Hear Case on NSA’s Warrantless Spying Program

Eric Holder Credits Edward Snowden For Performing ‘Public Service’

Privacy Activists Accuse FBI Director of Hypocrisy By Putting a Piece of Tape Over Webcam

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