Summer Zervos

Judge Uses Brett Kavanaugh to Pile on Trump in Summer Zervos Decision

‘No One Is Above the Law’: Court of Appeals Says Trump Must Face Lawsuit from Sex Assault Accuser

Is Trump Really About to Use the Brett Kavanaugh Calendar Defense to Defeat Summer Zervos?

Judge Hands Trump a Win in Summer Zervos Defamation Case, But This Is Far from Over

Trump’s Lawyer Seriously Flounders in Court While Arguing Against Summer Zervos’ Defamation Case

Trump Lawyer Claims Sex Assault Accuser Just Wants to ‘Harass’ President with Lawsuit

Trump Court Brief Suggests the President May Subpoena 21 Women Who Have Accused Him of Sexual Assault

President Trump Finally Agrees to Answer Questions Under Oath

Apprentice Contestant Tells Judge Trump Refused to Turn Over Documents Related to Alleged Sexual Conduct

Lawyers for Donald Trump, Summer Zervos Battle over Letting Other Women’s Accusations into Defamation Case

Trump Appears to Play Dumb About Tweets in Summer Zervos Defamation Case

Trump Loses Legal Bid to Put Summer Zervos Defamation Case On Hold

Did Trump Defame Zervos? She Wants Apprentice Clips in Order to Prove It.

Trump Lawyers Claim Zervos Lawsuit Will Hinder President’s Ability to Run Country

‘No One is Above the Law’: Court Smacks Down Trump’s Immunity Claim in Summer Zervos Lawsuit

If Trump’s Sexual Assault Accusers are Liars, Why Weren’t Those Stories on His List of Fake News?

Trump’s Latest Legal Threats Might Have Just Screwed Him in Sexual Assault Defamation Case

President Trump Just Made It Even Easier For His Accusers To Win In Court

‘What Am I Going to Sue Him for Being Really Creepy?’: Trump Accusers on Why They Won’t Sue

In Court, Trump’s Attorney Claims Accuser Summer Zervos Was Tool to Elect Clinton

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