Summer Zervos

If Trump’s Sexual Assault Accusers are Liars, Why Weren’t Those Stories on His List of Fake News?

Trump’s Latest Legal Threats Might Have Just Screwed Him in Sexual Assault Defamation Case

President Trump Just Made It Even Easier For His Accusers To Win In Court

‘What Am I Going to Sue Him for Being Really Creepy?’: Trump Accusers on Why They Won’t Sue

In Court, Trump’s Attorney Claims Accuser Summer Zervos Was Tool to Elect Clinton

LIVE BLOG: Trump Lawyers Try to Snuff Summer Zervos Defamation Lawsuit

Just Like Bill Clinton, Sexual Misconduct Might Be Trump’s Undoing

Trump Lawyer: Statements Denying Sex Assault Accusations Were ‘Hyperbole’ to Convince Voters

President Trump is Right, He’s Likely Immune From Sex Assault Accuser Defamation Case

Trump’s Lawyers Plan to Say President Immune in Sex Assault Accuser’s Lawsuit

Gloria Allred Seeking Public Donations to Support Summer Zervos Lawsuit Against Tump

Why Gloria Allred’s Suit Against Trump May Be Dismissed & Cost Her Client Legal Fees

Summer Zervos May Have Great Case Against Trump, But Won’t Go Anywhere Soon

Nope, Trump is Not Immune From Sex Assault Accuser’s Lawsuit Just Because He’s President

Trump Accuser Becomes Hysterical, Wants President-elect to Apologize (Video)

Trump Isn’t Going To Sue His Sexual Assault Accusers, and Here’s Why

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