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‘Chilling Effect’: Roger Stone Challenges Social Media Gag Order

Prosecutors Accuse Roger Stone of Violating Gag Order. He ‘Could Be Headed to Jail.’

‘A Critical Step Forward’: Trump Admin to Implement New Policy for U.S. Visa Applicants

Synagogue Shooting Suspect’s Social Media Site Complains It’s ‘Under Attack,’ Gets Free Speech Very Wrong

That Time Mark Zuckerberg Shut Down His Site Due to Insurmountable ‘Privacy Concerns’

Cop Suspended For Racist Facebook Posts Kills Black Man After Returning To Work

Two Child Care Employees Taunt and Abuse Eight-Year-Old Autistic Child (VIDEO)

Court: Facebook Friends Aren’t Legally Real Friends

Free-Speech Debate Swirls as Officials Block on Social Media

New Bill Would Make it a Crime to Take Video of Felonies

Calm Down, Mark Cuban Doesn’t Actually Think His Tweets Are Copyrighted

U.S. Customs Begins Asking Some Foreign Travelers for Social Media Information

Mayor Sued for Allegedly Blocking Facebook Critics

WATCH: Cops Publicly Shame Man After He Tweets Himself Spitting on Squad Car

Judge Rules Chipotle Broke the Law After Firing Employee Over Tweet

Jodi Arias’ Lawyer: Two Key Witnesses Backed Out Because of Social Media Bashing

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