Secret Service

Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Secret Service Stays at Trump Properties, Even for Days the President Wasn’t There

Secret Service Interviewed Eminem After TMZ Employee Asked About Lyrics ‘Threatening’ Ivanka Trump

White House Press Sec Relied on Non-Existent Written Statement to Suspend Playboy Reporter

Trump Golf Club Reportedly Hid Undocumented Workers from Secret Service

‘If Money is Free Speech, So is Horses–t’: Psychologist Says He Sent Manure to Mnuchin as Political Statement

Is The Secret Service Recruiting Agents On Breitbart?

Secret Service Already Blew Yearly Budget Due to Trump Family, Travel, Report Says

Kathy Griffin Investigated by Secret Service, But Don’t Expect Arrest

20 years’ Prison for Ex-Secret Service Agent in Sexting Case

Secret Service Reportedly Spent $35,185 on Golf Cart Rentals to Protect Trump

Trump Attacked Obama, But His First Weekend Trip to Mar-a-Lago Could Cost Taxpayers Millions

Ivanka Trump’s Stalker Arrested by Secret Service

Secret Service Advertised as ‘New Amenity’ at Trump Tower– Is That Even Legal?

Secret Service May Pay Trump Org Millions to Protect Family Staying in New York

Ex-Secret Service Officer Plans to Sue David Brock Over Criticism of Tell-All Book About Clinton White House

Secret Service in Contact With Trump Advisor Who Said Clinton Should be ‘Shot for Treason’

Trump Might Be Saving Taxpayers’ Money With Private Plane, Politico Report Condemns Him Anyway

Secret Service Ignores FOIA Request on Trump’s ‘2nd Amendment’ Comments, Gets Sued

WATCH: Secret Service Rushes on Stage to Surround Donald Trump

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