GOP Senator: Dems Using Russian Disinformation ‘Boogie Man’ as Excuse for Opposing Hunter Biden Probe

Trump Replaced Acting DNI with ‘Gold-Level’ Trump Hotel Member After House Was Briefed on Russia Threat: Report

Russia Recruited Mexican National to Locate ‘Confidential Human Source’ in America: DOJ

Dems Ask AG Barr, FBI Director Wray to Deny Senate Access to Alexandra Chalupa’s Records

Durham’s Russia Probe Reportedly Sought Former CIA Director John Brennan’s Communications

Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Investigative Special’ Featured on Russia’s State-Owned News Network

Inspector General Horowitz ‘Surprised’ by John Durham’s Statement on FISA Report

This Is the ‘Politically Expedient’ Impeachment Defense Republican Lawmakers Are Backing

Former WH Russia Expert Calls Out Trump, Giuliani, GOP Lawmakers for Parroting Putin’s ‘Fictional Narrative’

State Department Witness: White House Blocked 2018 Statement Condemning Russia for Attacking Ukraine

Lawsuit Claims DOJ Is Withholding Records Relating to Investigation of Mueller Probe’s Origins

U.S. Spy Extracted After Trump ‘Discussed Highly Classified Intelligence’ with Russian Officials: Report

Lawyer with ‘Limited Diplomatic Experience Dealing with Moscow’ May Be Trump’s Next Ambassador to Russia

Disclosures: 2 Fmr McConnell Staffers Lobbied for Project Funded by Russian Oligarch’s Co.

Judge Dismisses DNC Suit Against Trump Campaign Permanently: The Facts Only Showed That Russia Stole Docs

Roger Stone’s Indictment Leaves One Giant Hole in Collusion Theory

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: It Doesn’t Get Much More ‘Collusive’ Than Manafort Sharing Poll Data with Kilimnik

Legal Expert Compares Trump’s Election to Immigrants Who Gain Their ‘Citizenship by Fraud’

Details of Trump Moscow Project Reveal Plans of Potential Illegal Dealings with Putin

Bad News for Trump? Judge in Russia Case Says Collusion Could Be Enough for Criminal Charge

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