Disclosures: 2 Fmr McConnell Staffers Lobbied for Project Funded by Russian Oligarch’s Co.

Judge Dismisses DNC Suit Against Trump Campaign Permanently: The Facts Only Showed That Russia Stole Docs

Roger Stone’s Indictment Leaves One Giant Hole in Collusion Theory

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: It Doesn’t Get Much More ‘Collusive’ Than Manafort Sharing Poll Data with Kilimnik

Legal Expert Compares Trump’s Election to Immigrants Who Gain Their ‘Citizenship by Fraud’

Details of Trump Moscow Project Reveal Plans of Potential Illegal Dealings with Putin

Bad News for Trump? Judge in Russia Case Says Collusion Could Be Enough for Criminal Charge

Soviet-Linked Spies Targeted Trump After He Married Ivana, Knowing He Wanted to Be President One Day

So Much for the Sex Temptress Russian Spy? Prosecutors Admit to Major Screw-Up

Entire Senate Finally Unites for Non-Binding Resolution on Something the White House Already Handled

These Paul Erickson Tapes Sound Like a Roadmap for Alleged Russian Operative Maria Butina

Alleged Russian Spy Accused of Offering Sex for a Job and Much, Much More

Federal Judge Calls Out DNC for Playing ‘Games’ in Attempt to Sue Kushner

Expert: Mueller Will Likely Get Secret Intel on Trump/Putin Meeting

GOP Senator Tells Trump to Declare Russia ‘Enemy’ as Putin Summit Takes Place

Russian Senator: Kremlin Won’t Extradite Indicted Intel Officers

Trump Says He Hadn’t Thought About Asking Putin to Send Over Indicted Russians

Two Republicans Are Openly Downplaying Russian Election Interference After July 4 Trip to Moscow

Trump Claimed He Just Won DNC Lawsuit Accusing Him of Collusion. This Is What Actually Happened.

Ivanka Trump Reportedly Told Cohen to Contact Russian Olympian Who Wanted Trump-Putin Meeting

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