Trump Shamelessly Breaks Promise, Obviously Infringes on Copyright by Playing ‘Purple Rain’ at Rally

UPDATE: Prince’s Doctor to Pay $30,000 in Illegal Prescription Settlement, Will Not Face Criminal Charge

Prince’s Niece Fighting DNA Testing In The Battle For His Estate

Mislabeled Pills May Shed Light on Prince Overdose, Report Says

Judge Orders DNA Tests For Six Of Prince’s Potential Heirs

Dr. Conrad Murray Says Prince’s Doctor ‘Needs an Attorney and a Good One’

Report: DEA Raids Prince’s Paisley Park Compound Looking for Prescription Drugs

Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead O’Connor for Saying He Gave Prince Drugs

Details Surrounding Prince’s Death Could Lead to Criminal Charges

Vendors Cashing In With Unlicensed Prince Merchandise in Minnesota

Sister Claims Prince Didn’t Leave Will, So What Happens to His Money?

Good Luck Finding Prince Songs for Free on the Internet

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