police brutality

Court: Two Ex-Prosecutors Concealed ‘Brutal Assault’ by Police

Graphic Body Cam Video of Dallas Man’s In-Custody Death Has Been Released

‘He Lowered His Shoulder’: Sheriff Denies Officers Brutally Beat Black Man After Lawyer Shares Graphic Image

Surveillance Video Appears to Show Chicago Cops Dragging Teen Down Stairs Before Punching, Tasering Her

Florida Cops Repeatedly Punch 14-Year-Old Girl While She’s Face Down on the Ground

New Footage Shows Police Beating, Mocking Suspect; Chief Says There’s More to the Story (Video)

Three Police Officers Brutally Arrest And Taser Black High School Student (VIDEO)

‘I’d Like to Be on the Firing Squad’: Fmr Police Chief Compares Black People to ISIS

Utah Police Appear to Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back (VIDEO)

Sheriff and Deputies Indicted for Sexual Assault of High Schoolers

Ex-NFL Quarterback Wanted To Give Angry Fans’ Tickets To Veterans; They Burned Them Instead

‘Completely Brutalized’ Teen Girl Claims NYPD Detectives Raped Her In An Unmarked Van

St. Louis Cops Under Investigation For Alleged Heavy-Handed Protest Response

Police Director Under Fire for Calling Kneeling Athletes ‘Anti-American Degenerates’

Pennsylvania Fire Chief Calls Steelers Coach A ‘No Good N*gger’

Chicago Cops Reprimanded After Taking A Knee In Support of Kaepernick

ACLU Sues St. Louis Over Treatment of Protesters

St. Louis Police Accused of Revenge Campaign Against Business Owner After He Complained About Cops

Arizona Cop Bodyslams and Injures Autistic Teenager (VIDEO)

Police Trample Elderly Woman During St. Louis Protests (VIDEO)

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